Sales Lead - Full Time

Jobs Description

The Sales Team Manager reports to the Assistant Store Manager or Store Manager and ensures the uniform execution of the selling function within their store.

This position will have duties split between core sales and sales lead.

Full time benefits applicable.

Areas of Responsibility

Sales & Customer Service
•    Provides training, coaching, and communication of our Relentless Customer Care program with the sales associate staff, to insure associates exhibit the key behaviors needed in delivering relentless customer care.  Address RCC customer alerts within 24-48 hours.
•    Ensure that sales events and price changes are executed and signed according to company directive.    
•    Ensure shrinkage control in their area through the continual management of associates.
•    Executes company and division directed floor sets

Customer Service Lead Assignment
•    Drives customer service during assigned period.
•    Opens and closes the store, including weekends, as needed
•    Approves select point of sale transactions such as returns and voids, when needed to serve the customer.   
•    Resolves customer service issues as needed.

•    Follow all policies and procedures related to loss prevention and safety – such as floor sweeps.
•    Use safety equipment at all times in accordance with OSHA regulations.
•    Support the review and execution of the store internal audit processes, as it relates to the STM functions.

Education / Experience Requirements

  • Ability to use computer keyboards, standard telephone and other related business equipment.
  • Ability to lift between 10-72 lbs at floor level and/or team lift when necessary
  • Ability to push/pull receiving equipment weighing up to 500 lbs, such as rolling flats, z-racks, and pallet jacks.
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time.
  • Ability to twist, bend and stoop to retrieve items from floor, rack, and hook and place items on floor, shelves, racks and hooks.
  • Ability to work at a safe and steady pace.
  • Must have High School Diploma or GED.

How to Apply

Log on to, click Careers at the bottom of the page, and search for the Anderson, SC, store location.